Let’s look back at some of the actions and services added by the city under the direction of City Council from 2014-2018.

The links and report below is comprehensive but here are some of my favourite highlights.
– We increased our Rental grants and over 2900 new rentals have been built. We need more still though.
Bike Share launched in Kelowna
– Hiring 16 RCMP adding the PACT team (that combines an IH Nurse and an RCMP officer)
12 new Firefighters
– Seeing the growing homeless issue this council stepped up and focused on starting the Journey Home process to create an action orientated homelessness plan.
– Adding road network and safe cycling networks such as John Hindle, Rail Trail (paved from Downtown to UBCO).
– Grown our annual investment in arts and culture from $21.46 per capita in 2015 to $23.21 in 2017 by increasing professional arts grants, adding staffing support to KCT, and more.
– 2000 more residents will have clean drinking water once the City upgrades the old SEKID water system using over $56 million in federal and provincial grants.
We are rated the top place to do business. We do need to get into the modern age and make our business licenses available via an online process.
– Everybody loves to talk about parking so some may be surprised to hear that this City Council approved the funds to build 700 new parking spots in Downtown Kelowna that are now completed.

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