My story

Kelowna gave me their vote of confidence and elected me to City Council, Nov 15th, 2014. Many years before we moved to Canada from Scotland in 1991. I think we often forget as Canadians just how tough it is to become Canadian. Its a gift I cherish and drives me to fight for the best for our community daily.  I have had the opportunity to work with children with disabilities as a CEA at SD#23 and the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs. We have shared our home with an adult with disabilities for the past 14 years under a contract with CLBC, and now run the Creekside Theatre (in the George Elliot High School) as my day job.

Over the past decade I have had the gift of creating or programming some of the most loved cultural events we have in the Central Okanagan including:

Music in the Park, West Kelowna, to do this  I founded the non-profit Creative Okanagan
Pianos in Parks  , Arts on the Avenue, Buskers on Bernard,  and New York New Years, Kelowna
Winter Blues Festival, Lake Country

My passion for arts and culture is rooted in my career as a singer/songwriter.

I’m married to Kimberly Donn and we live in a nook of Kelowna behind the airport with our two daughters, Bella and Lyla.

I ran a boutique social media marketing business, Nudge Media, for a few years before joining Kelowna City Council. That skill has been very helpful as I have aimed to stay connected to you this term.

In 1995 I graduated from Rutland Secondary Senior and won the Okanagan College Young Alumni Award in 2010.




In 2014 I wrote that I live by these following principles daily. If elected I will continue to do what I have always done. I will:

Empower Our People
Encourage Entrepreneurship, Improve Collaboration, Family Focus

Enhance Our Economy
Support Small Business as the Engine for Job Creation, Enhance Arts and Culture, Ensure Sustainable Growth

Engage Our Community
Build Strong Neighbourhoods, Encourage Involvement in Creating Solutions, Listen to your Ideas

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